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Lakshmi Tours is an Indian travel company with representatives in the UK and Australia running creative and cultural tours in India. We have been organising tours for small groups since 2006 and specialise in mentored artist study trips in Rajasthan and Kerala. In addition to our regular tours we often design unique bespoke itineraries for individuals, groups and families to suit their particular interests, budget and schedule.

We aim to introduce our clients to the magnificently diverse landscapes and cultures of India and to facilitate their personal goals with discoveries that will hopefully foster a deeper understanding of the Indian people and culture. We hope these will be fulfilling experiences that will provide inspiration for years to come.

We are happy to be working in collaboration with Meryl Ainslie of Rabley Drawing Centre, Together for the last ten years we have designed unique creative adventures in India. We are also working in collaboration with australian artists Catherine Parker, and Dawn Meader

If you would like to travel to India but don't see a tour you like then we will happily design and organise a trip especially for you and to suit your budget.
' have made this journey, one of a lifetime, possible and truly amazing'
Jill Carter on 'Drawn to India'
Rajasthan for Artists 2017

A unique visual journey exploring the colours and textures of vibrant Rajasthan with artist David Chandler. Create a sketchbook resource that will inspire you for years to come.

Rajasthan Tours
Dates: Feb 2017
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